Big Business, Strong State
  • Big Business, Strong State
  • Big Business, Strong State

Big Business, Strong State

R$ 100,00

Autor: Professor Eun Mee Kim

Editora: State University of New York Press

Assunto: Política

Ano de edição: 1997

ISBN: 9780791432105


Idioma: Inglês


This book debunks the rosy success story about South Korean economic development by analyzing how the state and businesses formed an alliance, while excluding labor, in order to attain economic development, and how these three entities were transformed in the process. The author analyzes the paradox of South Korean development from 1960 to 1990--a period during which the country experienced dramatic social, economic, and political changes. By reexamining South Korea's development through the collaboration and conflict between the state and the chaebol (big businesses), she illuminates the inherent limitations and problems of the developmental state.


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