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The Hunter's Blades Trilogy - Box

R$ 50,00

Autor: R.A. Salvatore

Editora: Wizards

Assunto: Literatura RPG

Ano de edição: 2007

ISBN: 9780786947270 

Idioma: Inglês 

Edição: 1


Drizzt at his scimitar-slashing best!

When Drizzt believes that his friends have been killed, trampled under the feet of a rampaging horde of orcs, the Hunter takes over and the already dangerous dark elf goes feral. Alone in the wilderness against an enemy that outnumbers him thousands to one, the lone drow is the most dangerous being in the unforgiving mountains of the frigid North. But is he as dangerous to himself, as he is to the orcs in his sights?

This deluxe gift set includes the books 
The Thousand OrcsThe Lone Drow, and The Two Swords.


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